New for 2011 – SmartVision Lights Distribution Agreement

Please have a look at the new section on our ecommerce site under Industrial Vision Illumination. Look for a new range of LED products from Smart Vision which feature high current LEDs and

EZ Mount Ring Light

intelligent drivers. The intelligent, or Smart driver provides a constant current to every machine vision light, guaranteeing optimal performance at all times. This of course negates the problem with failing vision systems due to faulty illumination  problems.

Smart Vision Lights uses only high current, HB (High Brightness) LED’s in their machine lights. Smart Vision Lights designs, manufactures and markets a line of products that apply the benefits of high current LED’s for use in machine vision applications. All machine vision lights us standard industrial 24VDC for operation.

The SMART driver has the option to run the machine light in a constant LED illumination including analogue and variable intensity control. The analogue feature allows 0-100% intensity control of the machine vision light through a 0-10VDC signal. The variable feature allows 0-100% intensity control of the machine light through an integrated potentiometer.

Smart Vision Lights uses Standard Industrial Cables and Connectors on every Machine Vision Light

Smart Vision Lights cables are 5 conductor M12 in 18AWG wire. 18AWG is recommended for ALL OverDrive series and standard series lights. 18AWG is necessary to strobe lights at full current. Common M12 cables are 22AWG. Standard 22 AWG wires will not supply full power needed for these lights. Smart Vision Lights recommends the cable from the power supply to the light be kept to a minimum.

5 Pin M12 style connection

Lights require a cable for operation.

5 pin M12 style connection

Standard Cables

Standard 5 pin M12 Cable for Machine Vision Lighting Products

Standard 5 pin M12 cable. Lengths are 5, 10 and 15 meters. High flex cables available for robotic applications.

Part #
5 Meter 5PM12-5
10 Meter 5PM12-10
15 Meter 5PM12-15

Jumper Connectors

5 Pin M12 Jumper for Linear Machine Lights

5 Pin M12 with male and female connectors. Cable is used to jumper lights together.

Part #
300mm Jumper 5PM12-J300
2 Meter Jumper 5PM12-J2000

The SmartVision range is vast and includes devices for most machine vision scenarios. The modular design means that the lights can be connected in serial and with a comment power supply/control.


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