Scorpion Vision is a company that specialises in image processing software, specifically machine vision. Scorpion Vision Ltd is a UK company 100% owned by Tordivel AS of Norway. Tordivel AS is a company that operates globally with its daughter companies based in the UK and Sweden. Tordivel’s head office is in Oslo.Scorpion Vision Eliminates your weakest link

Our unique vision software is the foundation of our business but as a natural extension to this we also supply digital industrial cameras for a broad range of applications. Our unique position in the industrial imaging marketplace means we are alone in being able to offer a complete package for any industrial imaging application using the most powerful Windows based machine vision software available along with some of the best CCD and CMOS imaging devices around.

In addition to industrial cameras, we also offer some of the best life science cameras suitable for use with microscopes. The same high quality imaging that is available in machine vision is extended to our exceptional microscope camera range.

We have great relationships with a select number of manufacturers whose products complement our portfolio in all areas. We work with some of the leading global brands in FireWire technology and more recently in Gigabit Ethernet cameras and we have gained years of experience and knowledge in applying these technologies. We can advise on illumination, lenses, cameras and of course software. We also supply the only multipurpose Windows driver suite for all Windows compatible industrial cameras.

We are distributors for a number of main stream brands which gives us the ability to offer OEM volume pricing throughout Europe and Scandinavia. We supply to a number of well known global organisations in medicine, aerospace, food, and general manufacturing.

Our key strengths are:

  • Scorpion Vision Software
  • Expertise in Windows based FireWire and Gigabit Ethernet technology
  • Superb product knowledge on our range of 300+ camera devices
  • The ability to offer components for a complete solution from computing platform, to lighting, to software, to lens
  • World class after sales support – see our testimonials

We wish to build upon our success in channel delivery and are keen to establish new relationships and can offer highly competitive pricing for volume sales in support of this.


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