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Combining the two images below we can extract the 3D location (x,y,z) of any edge-point with sub-pixel accuracy in 3D.

Measuring the 3D pose of the stop-cock

The zoomed images shows the accuracy we get with Scorpion Vision Software 9. The following is measured:

  • The 3D-position (x,y,z)  of two edge points z1 and z2
  • The 3D-pose – (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) and the radius of two circles
    • z = -0.08 mm – r = 2.11 mm
    • z= 5.26 mm – r = 4.67 mm

Note that that circles fit perfectly in a low contrast image due to the accurate 3D pose estimation. We let the visualisation speak for itself.

Everything work with low contrast and is sub-pixel in 3D!

The technology is available for use in Scorpion Robot Inspection, Scorpion Mono Stinger and Scorpion 3D Stinger applications.

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Engage the tractor beam….

… and any other Star Trek style quotes I can think of to promote the exciting venue at the National Space Centre in Leicester to learn about the latest in the world of industrial imaging and image processing!

On the 13th of March 2012 we’re running a seminar to present a new range of cameras from The Imaging Source. Without going into too much detail – you should come to the seminar – these are the key words:

PoE, Small footprint, new cmos, high framerate, low cost, highly competitive, high resolution

This event is for those who are concerned with imaging and image processing and is relevant for all levels of knowledge.  This is an opportunity to get a hands-on demonstration of the full range of TIS cameras – including the zoom and autofocus models as well as the forthcoming range of small Power over Ethernet (PoE) GigE Cameras.

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Scorpion Vision Software adds integrated support for the latest OpenCV version 2.3.  There is a series of new samples included Scorpion Vision Installer both raw code sample and ready to use STC – Scorpion Tool Components – template ready to be integrated into your Scorpion application.

The integration of OpenCV into Scorpion Vision Software is a long-term strategic choice based on the following. The value created in Open-Source is tremendous- we at Scorpion Vision want to benefit from this by using the latest OpenCV, NumPy and SciPy libraries both to extend and improve our Scorpion Vision Framework and to provide our user’s the following choice:

  • Use free Open-Source image processing
  • Use Scorpion Vision image processing
  • Mix and choose from Scorpion Vision and Open-Source image processing to provide the best combination and value

With the Open-Source strategy that started with integrating Python as Scorpion Vision scripting language integration of .Net…

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Happy New Year to all our readers!

We’re excited here about the opportunities that 2012 will bring. We’ve had a great start to the year and long may it continue! Tordivel have been very busy creating new Scorpion Vision Apps, this will be a defining product in 2012 I am sure.

Watch this space for events in which we are participating this year….

A Photonex Success

We exhibited at the Photonex exhibition which took place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry this Autumn. Thomas Karow from The Imaging Source joined us for the two days and we exhibited a multi-camera matrix of a selection of industrial cameras including the new small GigE camera which is due for release in Q1 2012. This is a brand new format camera with Power over ethernet (PoE) and in a very small housing.

Also on demonstration was the new autofocus machine vision camera. We used this in conjunction with the face tracking application in Scorpion Vision Software and showed off the one touch autofocus function.

Thomas Karow of The Imaging Source

Visit us at Photonex 2011 for a chance to win an Autofocus Camera

One of our principle camera manufacturers, The Imaging Source of Bremen in Germany are a company that doesn’t sit still ever. This year they have launched new products, discontinued old ones and improved existing ones.

The Imaging Source Autofocus Camera

The Imaging Source Autofocus Camera

The biggest news of the year as far as we at Scorpion Vision Ltd is concerned is the launch of the Autofocus Camera.

A device based on the DxK 72/22AUCxx series of cameras which offer up to 5 megapixels resolution and a USB2 interface in a very small compact housing. The cameras exploit the flexibility the Micron CMOS sensors offer with variable ROI and up to 52 frames per second. The Wide VGA version uses the Micron Mt9V024 sensor with global shutter  and up to 150 frames per second!

If you’re in the UK on the 18th or 19th of October and would like to take a closer look at these remarkable little cameras, then please visit us at our stand G21 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry next week.

You’ll have the chance also to have a free camera if you put your business card into our raffle. The Imaging Source are sponsoring the event with the gift of a free camera for the winner who will be picked at random on the afternoon of the 19th October. Don’t worry if you can’t make it on the 19th, we’ll send you the camera if you win and can’t collect.

We’ve not sat still either and will have a number of new products to announce, including the award winning Scorpion Vision Apps. One of which is the Scorpion Autofocus App, based on our partner’s new camera! This is a machine vision imaging application in a small footprint with a unique autofocus function.