Innovations with Scorpion Compact Vision

Oslo, Norway,  November 2th, 2013

The family of Scorpion Compact Vision is extended with a series of new exciting products for 2D and 3D Machine Vision. The family targets OEM and system integrators that want a professional configurable, low cost, easy to deploy and rugged multi-camera system for serious machine vision.

Scorpion Compact Vision Family

Scorpion Compact Vision Family Picture 2013

More Scorpion Stinger innovations will follow

Thor Vollset – CEO Tordivel AS says “We are so excited with Scorpion Compact Vision. The extended Compact Vision family will make it easier for our partners to succed. The total cost of a machine vision solution will go down and everybody will be happy. The Scorpion 2D Stinger Camera with integrated illumination and the Scorpion Stinger LEDspot make it easier to deploy reliable solutions and reduce deployment cost. When we combine strobing. multiple exposured images and smart image processing we see that the illumination part of many applications can be solved only by a couple of Scorpion LEDspots.  We will continue to support and launch more Scorpion Stinger units to enhance and improve the Scorpion Compact Vision Concept for 2D and 3D machine vision.

In UK we won the Food Processing award in Robotics and Automation together with Mitsubishi and Quasar Automation for the unique 3D cake decoration system. The system is based on the Scorpion 3D Stinger MLaser Camera and we see this as an important recognition for our real-time  3D in 2D image processing concept.”

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3DMaMa Presentation available at TordivelBlog

Sony Technology Day – Thursday 10th December @ Brooklands Museum

Here’s advance notification of a forthcoming industry event to be held at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey UK. Brooklands Museum

A long timepartner of Sony (Image Sensing Solutions Europe), Tordivel placed a strong emphasis from the early days on using Sony cameras for the more challenging applications (high speed can inspection is one example) and created special packages, bundling Sony cameras with Scorpion Vision Software.

The relationship continues and to promote the latest and greatest in Sony technology, Sony are sponsoring a special machine vision technology day at a venue close their HQ. Our involvement is as the organiser and catalyst, as a camera needs good software (and software needs a good camera).

Watch this space and keep an eye open for more information about this special event which should be of great interest to machine vision engineers. If you’re in the industry and don’t2nd Generation Smart Camera currently use Sony products or Scorpion Vision Software, you are urged to come along even if it’s just to keep up up with industry happenings. The main focus will be on the Sony Smartcamera running Scorpion Vision Software but there will also be the opportunity to take a close look at the new range of Sony Gigabit Ethernet machine vision cameras as well as the SNC series of network cameras more traditionally used in CCTV applications. Why are we showing you these?  It’s an example of convergence from two distinct areas within the field of imaging technology.

Of course, there will be the opportunity to see the traditional stable mates of Sony Imaging, with the newest Sony Firewire machine vision devices such as the XCD-V60, XCD-SX90 and XCD-U100 cameras.

If you’re already using Sony and Scorpion, then you’ll have a chance to meet both Sony and Tordivel lumineries, plus the chance to get valuable advice from the some of the best machine vision engineers.

To register early (advisable), click here.


Scorpionvision prepares for Photonex 2008

Scorpion Vision is getting the booth ready for this years Photonex exhibition at Conventry. On display will be:

  • Sony’s new generation of XCI-V100 Smartcameras
  • Unibrain’s new range of ultra small firewire cameras, the 530b, 630b and 830b models measuring just 30 square millimetres in size
  • Scorpion Vision 3D Machine Vision Cameras system